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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  January 6, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EST

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it is thursday morning. it is january 6th, 2011 as we
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get a live look at our nation's capital. it is cold out there this morning. tucker is in to bring us our forecast for today. good morning. >> good morning. it is cold out there. the cold is here to stay through the weekend so definitely bundle up for you are going to are working outdoors today. 29degrees at reagan national. 27 in fredericksburg. 22 in hagerstown. 24 in ocean city. we are off to a very chilly start. our forecast is a fairly easy one. we'll see more clouds than yesterday. not expecting any snow and/or rain shower activity today with a high temperature about 40 or so. you will notice the clouds certainly more numerous than yesterday and the chilly afternoon temperatures with highs in the upper 30s to about 40.
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we'll look out for this little clipper system tonight. i'll let you know what that might bring us. prince george's county police are investigating their sixth homicide of the new year. the latest one happening about 9:00 last night. police say a man was shot to death at an apartment on south view drive in oxon hill. his identity has not yet been revealed a germantown rape victim says a man taxed -- attacked her not once but twice. the 6 #-year-old victim says -- the 68-year-old victim says he broke into her apartment and
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raped her. the 112th congress is now in session. today, the house will read the constitution and consider cuts to the budget. the republicans control the house while the democrats have a narrow majority in the senate. ohio congressman john boehner was overwhelmingly elected as as peeker of the house. we have a report on pepco now from will thomas. >> reporter: long days and even longer nights in the dark. the blizzard of 2010 left more than 104,000 pepco customers without power. the majority, about 81,000, in
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montgomery county alone. >> a plan needs to be developed soon. >> reporter: nearly a year later, pepco is getting an earful from people living in montgomery county the county executive created a work group to investigate pepco's service. the utility's regional president promised improvements and says the work has already begun. >> we have completed tree trimming on 150 main line feeders which represents about 775 miles of tree trimming in montgomery county. >> if i'm not satisfied by future outages, i'm going to call the chairman at his home number. if i'm going to be inconvenienced, so is he. >> it has just been years of neglect that finally caught up and pepco has proven they are not going to do anything. >> reporter: candice charleton spoke before the work group.
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we put her together with pepco's president. >> can't trees and electricity coexist? it happens all the time. >> what we're trying to promote is the right tree in the right place. >> it is almost pepco is saying that will teach you to complain. we'll come in and just lop the trees off and that will teach you. >> reporter: what would you say to that? >> we are trying to strike a gentle balance between the environment and service reliability. >> that was will thomas reporting. there you go. there is a look at the wizards, who lost again. another road loss for them. they fell to the philadelphia 76ers last night 109-17. they are now 0-17 away from verizon center. we have much more ahead. we'll take a look at the cold forecast, julie has your traffic and we'll have your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. it is a cold start to this thursday morning, the 6th day of january 2011 as we zoom in
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on our nation's capital. thank you for waking up early with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. and tucker is in to tell us about this cold forecast. >> it is cold, gurvir. >> it is. >> did i tell you about it? >> i think you're about to. >> it will feel chilly as we await the next system. we'll have a little light snow around here later tonight. 29degrees at reagan national. our winds are out of the north an east at five miles per hour. pressure is falling a little bit, 29.79 inches. area-wide, we are in the low 20 and even some teens.
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the temperatures will be slow to warm up. generally quiet around the washington area. you will notice a little snow shower activity across central virginia. before a storm system passing to our south. that bringing us the morning cloud cover. not expecting any of that snow to be touching the ground here. well out to the west, we still have the clipper system. that will give us a better chance for some snow showers. by snow showers, we mean light snow overnight tonight, probably through the morning commute tomorrow and quickly get out of here by mid- to late morning tomorrow. it should be very, very light snow but temperatures are going to be cold and any time it is cold enough for it to snow, you know what can happen. >> you mentioned it was to the south of us in knoxville, tennessee which is where my sister is. she mentioned they got a couple of inches yesterday. let's see how traffic is moving. >> you talking about that stuff that could cause some trouble
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spots for our drive home and maybe tomorrow morning's commute as well. they were busy pretreating the roads yesterday afternoon for the commute home so that is going to work in our favor. right now, you are waking up to dry pavement. no accidents to report. the roadwork for southbound 270 and montgomery village avenue, that has cleared. no trouble spots for those traveling the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. overnight construction southbound 955 in the process of clearing. 66 coming in from lee highway, no problems to report. traffic volume still moving at speed. no problems to report approaching colesville road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headlines this morning, there was another murder in prince george's county. it is the sixth in that county since the beginning of the new year. the latest victim was found shot to death at an apartment
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in oxon hill. sarah simmons is live at police headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about the sixth homicide here in prince george's county now and already yesterday, before this shooting that happened last night, they had already made the decision to step up uniform patrols. so at this point, yes, again, now they have six homicides that they are investigating. this last one at an oxon hill apartment where main was fatally shot on south view drive. this was 9:00 last night. police say there was a resident of a building there on south view drive that called 911 after they found a man bleeding in the hallway of the building. when police arrived, they discovered him dead at the scene. they do not have any more information at this point on the victim. they also have no arrests at this point. but this is on top of five people would were already murdered in the county since the beginning of the year. four were murdered within a 4 hour period two days ago. in three of the canadians, police say drugs were involved. in the other, they believe
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robbery was the motive. whatever the reason is behind these cases, the bridge county police chief says scherr doing what -- they are doing what they can to put a stop to it. >> not an unknown phenomena. we've had spikes in homicides before. the main thing, the communities are looking for is a steady hand, that we are on top of it, that we are fully engaged and we are. >> reporter: police say they have ordered more uniformed patrols to be out there on the street in addition to undercover officers that they are also placing out in the areas where these murders occurred. but again, at this point, no arrests have been made in any of these cases. we are live in palmer park, maryland, sarah simmons being back to you. >> not a good way to start off the new year. thank you. a maryland rape victim says the same man who taxed her this past summer struck again. police are looking for a man would looks like this. they say he taxed an elderly woman in germantown twice. the latest incident happened
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yesterday morning when the 68- year-old victim says the man broke into her home and raped her. >> the you -- unique part of this crime is that the 68-year- old victim told us this is the same man who taxed her last june at the same address. -- who attacked her last june at the same address. in prince george's county, a man is recovering after being struck by a police car. county police tell us the officer was not on duty and not responding to any emergency when this happened. they say the man was struck in the 8800 block of walker mill road. the victim was badly injured but is expected to survive. new details in a high profile murder investigation. newly released surveillance video shows former white house staffer john wheeler in a parking garage in wilmington,
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delaware. it is the last time he is seen alive on camera and just a few days before his body was found in a nearby landfill. in that video, wheeler is seen wandering aimlessly and people who came in contact with him say he appeared troubled and disoriented. a reading of the constitution and consideration of a bill that would cut the budget for house members' offices. that is what is planned for this first full working day of the 112th congress. republicans are bringing their biggest freshman class in in 90 years to take control of the house. >> i now pass this gavel and the sacred trust that goes with it to the new speaker. >> ohio congressman john boehner was overwhelmingly elects as speaker of the house. he relaces nancy pelosi. despite the fact that the senate remains in democratic control, boehner has big plans with republicans in charge including a vote on the health care law next week. >> the people voted to end
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business as usual usual and today, we begin to carry out their instructions. >> new water flows in replacing the old and continually renewing the river. the senate is the same, mr. president. >> maryland senator barbara mikulski has made history. after taking her oath of office, the 74-year-old democrat became the longest serving female senator in congress. she has sevenned 4 years on capitol hill. >> for me, it is not how long we serve but how well you serve. i've accomplished many things during my time here whether it was fighting for jobs in maryland or fighting for women's health care for the nation. and but i'm looking forward to this fifth term, how we can promote jobs and how we can promote working together. >> she was the first woman apointed to a senate committee. still ahead, we are following a developing story overseas.
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a vice principal in nebraska is dead after a high school shooting. police in omaha say 58-year-old vicki casper died just a few hours after being shot by a 17- year-old student being robert butler, jr. he also shot the school's principal before killing himself. butler was found dead in a car about a mile way. we are told he is the son of of a police detective. no word on why he targeted the school's administrators. an american woman is in custody in iran. the local media says authorities have detained her on spying charges. a report says the woman hid spying technology or a microphone in her teeth when
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she was detained by customs agents. a navy captain's own commanders will likely be questioned over a controversial video the cap ain't train showed on board a ship. -- that captain showed on board a ship. owens was second in command when the videos were shown in 2006 and kiro 7. the videos featured slurs against gay people and had sexual content. captain honors has been relieved of duty. the matsive oil spill in the gulf of mexico could happen again. that is the word from a presidential panel investigating that disaster. the panel says significant reforms by industry and government are necessary and that the bp leak is a result of risky decisions intended to save time and money. we have much more straight ahead. we'll continued our fox 5 investigation. allegations of overtime abuse in the fire department while d.c. police say they are
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cutting back. >> it is cold outside, temperatures in the teens and low 20s. it will be cold outside. a little tiny bit of snow in the forecast. i'll have those details for you. julie wright is in with a look at your on-time traffic as well coming up after the break. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber?
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we get a live look at the
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washington monument. 9degrees here in the district and much colder out to the west. >> what was it at your house? >> 22. i was waiting for to you ask me. >> that is a lucky number. >> yes, isn't that nice? i barely remember 22. >> 29 in downtown washington. we'll be in the upper 0s by the time the kids are headed out to school -- we'll be in the upper 20s by the time the kids are headed out to school. we're not expecting anything in the way of snow and/or rain today but it is not too far away. 29degrees at reagan national. gur virks # 2 at dulles. gurvir, 22 at dulles. that is a lucky number -- gurvir, 22 at dulles. that is a lucky number.
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there will be some peeks of sunshine today. we've got a combination of systems working in our direction. an area of low pressure here across the carolinas. that has been tracking to our south. we had snow back into tennessee, as gurvir mentioned a few minutes ago. that will slip off our coast and stay to our south. we do have a weak clipper system well to have on the north and west. that will get in here tonight. we'll see peeks of sunshine today and a lot of clouds around. later tonight and tomorrow morning, there is the possibility of a little light snow falling. a period of snow during the overnight hours during the morning commute. not going to amount to a whole lot. when you look at the possibility of precipitation, maybe 60% so it is pretty good we'll see some flakes. i don't think anything more than a dusting across the region. it will be very weak. it will quickly get out of here and it will be kind of cold and blustery as we get into the
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afternoon. light snow possible overnight tonight. the evening hours will be just fine. light accumulation, 30-degree the overnight low so plenty cold for snow. winds out of the south at five to 10. a little light snow tomorrow morning. blustery and cold tomorrow night. saturday's daytime high near freezing. we could do another round of very light snow on saturday. maybe more snow by the way for tuesday and tuesday afternoon. let me mention that as well. that is a look at the weather forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright has our latest. >> we just love it when you talk snow, tucker barnes. >> you love it, julie. secretly, you do. on the roads, dry pavement to accompany that drive into work and so far, so good. no accidents to report if you traveling in on 66. easy drive on manassas. no problems to report all the way in to fair oaks. beltway construction at route 7 this tyson's all part of that
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hot lane work. lanes are open right now northbound on i-95 leaving dale city and continuing up to the beltway. live stretch of southbound 270 from montgomery village avenue headed southbound into rockville. no problems to report on the beltway. traffic continues to run with ease. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the public had a chance to weigh in on how it feels about pepco's reliability. a special panel was held last night in montgomery county. pepco executives laid out a five-year improvement plan at a cost of $256 million. the public laid out complaints about power loss during this summer's storms and the back-to- back blizzards last february. a 30-year county resident says the problem just keeps getting worse. >> if i'm not satisfied by future outage responses, i'm going to call the chairman at
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his home number. if i'm going to be inconvenienced, so is he. wssc set a new record for broken water mains last month thanks to old pipes and bitter cold temperatures. crews repaired 647 water mains in december breaking the previous record of 608 which was set back in january of 2009. wssc officials say the company is working to get more funding to replace the aging water mains more quickly. now to a fox 5 investigation into overtime being dished out in d.c. the d.c. police and fire departments have been accused of paying employees so much overtime it is costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. from 2009 to 2010, the overtime budget increased 45%. the police department has been pulling back on overtime with a 13% decrease for that same period. roby chavez has the latest in this investigation. >> reporter: the nation's capital has seen the lowest crime rate in 20 years.
4:51 am
but it is not the only statistic d.c. police chief kathy lanier is proud of. >> since 2007, we have reduced locally funded overtime by 43%. >> reporter: here is the numbers, since 2007, overtime costs have dropped from $29 million to $17 million for hpd. lanier has done it without reducing police and without budget increases. >> i can only tell you what worked for me. you have to break things down in great detail and do some analysis and then you have to hold your managers accountable. >> reporter: she has done it by reducing court overtime and eliminating officers sitting around waiting for a trial. the department puts out schedules 14 days in advance. the chief personally reviews the overtime every two weeks. >> there has been a culture that overtime is unlimited. we can't afford for it to be unlimited. we have to be responsible with
4:52 am
what we have. there are a lot of ways to reduce overtime in public safety. we don't have to be operating by crisis. we don't have to constantly react. >> the all hands on deck has been cheaper than the old crime emergencies. but when you cut into overtime, it comes as a cost to police pay. there have been pushbacks but the chief is proud of making tough choices and keeping the city safe at the same time. >> i feel good that we've gun a good steward of the public's money. and we're efficient. if we can bring crime down and reduce overtime, i think that is something to feel good about. >> that was roby chavez reporting. chief lanier does admit overtime will never be eliminated from the d.c. police department because of unexpected emergencies. while d.c. fire allows its bigwigs to get overtime, nobody in the police department with a rank of captain or higher is paid to work more. moderate amounts of vigorous exercise could increase the life span of
4:53 am
patients suffering from prostate cancer. that according to researchers. they say three hours or more a week seemed to improve patient prognosis. prostate cancer is the most common cancer among american men. a 1998 study that linked autism to a vaccine has been called a fraud. the british medical journal is taking things a step further by calling the paper a crafted attempt to deceive. the study created a major health scare and causated lot of parents to boycott the measles, mumps and rubella vaccines. checking a consumer alert this morn, you can no longer book flights on american airlines via orbitz, expedia, hot wire or trip advisor and
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travelocity may be next. american is trying to get you to buy directly from them. news for sports enthusiasts who use the power balance bands. despite claims they improve flex built, balance and strength, researchers say they don't work. and now the company is admitting that there is no credible scientific evidence to support those claims. starbucks is serving i'm new look. the world's largest coste company unveiled a new logo yesterday. it dropped the words surrounding its famous graphic. the starbucks says the changes were just to give its favorite lady an updated look. the jackpot in the megamillions drawing wound up being even bigger than expected. it jumped to $380 million now the washington state lottery says that one of the winners plans to claim his share sometime today. they say he is retired. so far, that is all we know. the idaho winner hasn't come
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forward just yet. it turns out that thousands of megamillions players got lucky because of the tv show lost. more than 9,000 people nationwide played the set of numbers featured on that hit show. four out of the six numbers matched. that is not the jackpot but the players still won about $150 each. a huge stroke of luck for one homeless man with a golden voice. it is a story that has everybody talking. when you are listening to nothing but the best of oldies, listening to magic 98.9. >> this video went viral and now the job offers for this man are pouring in. we'll have the latest. we'll have highlights of the wizards' latest game coming up. having a sale! announcer: the ikea sale. i'm going back for more! announcer: december 26th through january 9th. save up to 60%. ikea. the life improvement store.
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in sports news, it was another road loss for the
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wizards. they fell to the 7 #ers last night 109 to 97. nick young scored # 1 points for the wizards. john wall had 18 points and 14 assists but it simply wasn't enough. the wizards are now 0-17 away from verdict size on center. taylor drives and somehow scores on a jumper. gw beats lasalle 7 #-67789 george mason on the road beaten by to have extra. -- gw beats lasalle 72-67. it is all about what you've done lately. after a while you fade off into
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the sunset. i had my time. >> former second baseman roberto alomar has been elected to the baseball hall of fame. he received 90% of the vote easily surpassing the 75% needed no induction. alomar was a 12-time all star. ex-ore yell rafael palmiero wads on the ballot for the first time and received just 11% of the vote. now, a story that has a lot of people talking. listen. >> when you are listening to nothing butt best of oldies, you are listening to magic 98.9. thank you so much. god bless you. >> ted williams has been offered a job to work for the cleveland cavaliers and that is not all. he has also been


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